Cheers: Aligning beer, promotions and change management to maximize sales


Because of the complex and intricate landscape in beer promotions, the wrong communication, to the wrong audience, at the wrong time was creating operational and advertising issues within the beer distribution network, and seriously harming sales as a result for our client, a national beer and beverage manufacturer. Implementing a custom CRM solution and new processes was only half the challenge, the real barrier was managing the change and achieving full user adoption.

Solution Approach

Our client turned to Envision to create a holistic and inclusive change approach to maximize the adoption of the new CRM solution. Using a blend of interactive techniques, including leveraging a change network, creating process guidebooks, scenario-based training, virtual support and a highly interactive communication plan, we were able to create a differentiated experience for all impacted audiences, while navigating project delays and the solution’s technical challenges.

Results Achieved

With over 4,000 people receiving change help and training across 30 sales markets and 530 distributor locations, our client was able to maximize adoption of the new CRM solution and achieve strong success. “Best launch training in recent memory” was one among many testimonials that we received for our unique change approach, which has been embedded in other initiatives as well.