Start building extraordinary leaders and teams.

Thriving organizations aren’t created in a vacuum — they require inspirational and effective leadership. At Envision, we are passionate about helping our clients develop extraordinary leaders and teams.

Our proven transformational leadership solutions deliver long-lasting, positive impact. We help move leaders out of less productive, reactive modes into creative, effective leadership by focusing on superior work delivery in the context of teams and relationships.

Coaching and leadership development have never been more critical. That’s where our dedication, credentials, and experience make the difference.

Our coaching & leadership solutions include:

Unleash every leader’s ability to learn, make changes, and achieve the goals that move them forward. Our coaches cultivate motivating, professional relationships that uncover deeper learnings to reveal leadership potential. We understand leaders whose work is aligned with their vision and values perform better — and we know how to get them there.

Studies have shown that Coaching in addition to leadership training results in an increase in a leader’s overall effectiveness of more than 60% over the results with just training alone. We can help your challenged teams and emerging leaders succeed through our team and group coaching. Our versatile coaching is proven to work no matter where a team is in their growth or performance cycle. Group coaching brings the power of coaching to leaders below the executive level for an affordable investment.

Now more than ever, organizations expect a lot from their new, high-potential and senior leaders. First and foremost, they need them to connect with their people and drive results. We design innovative leadership development programs, tailored to meet the unique objectives of our client organizations using our Envision Simple Approach—leveraging proven content to deliver faster results and reduce the overall cost of a fully custom program.

You can’t arrive at a destination without knowing where to start. Assessments increase a leader’s awareness of where they stand with their peers and teams. Once assessments are complete, our coaches provide leaders with guidance for focused development to shorten the distance between point A and point B.

Studies have shown on average it takes a new leader 26 weeks to become productive. Envision’s Leader Acceleration Coaching package is specifically designed to support a successful start-up for leaders in new roles. A 100-day coaching program that includes both leadership coaching and a team assimilation process which help leaders accelerate their integration into the organization with a focus on results and relationships.

For the individual leader committed to professional growth, join our six-month leadership development process that combines the synergy of group learning with one-on-one executive coaching. Read more about Leadership Lab here.

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