Like you, we believe that the most important asset of any organization is its people. And we know that nothing is more vital to creating a sustainable competitive advantage than return on human capital. So how do you get there? Our Human Capital Services deliver a level of cutting-edge insight and acumen that unleashes the full potential of workforce performance. With a laser-like focus on HR operational excellence, we offer a seamless, forward-thinking suite of consulting services—one that enables you to capitalize on the development and engagement of people. Imagine the possibilities.

To execute a business strategy that works, you need a prioritized roadmap that motivates your workforce and overcomes any hurdles along the way. Envision will help you tailor a human capital strategy and service delivery model that’s focused on one outcome—your success.

Even the best organizations need reshaping and realigning their structures and processes as they grow and change over time. Through our innovative holistic methods, we help your team or organization refocus around purpose, address gaps and optimize the way groups are structured and people are motivated.

Dramatic trends and new, affordable delivery models are reshaping the HR market. We can help you reinvent HR delivery with technology.

We view talent management as an eco-system that encompasses planning, attracting, managing, developing and retaining employees in support of business strategy. Let us work with you to generate targeted talent programs that lead to sustained performance.
Our capabilities include:
• Workforce planning
• Talent assessment
• Leadership effectiveness
• Employee Engagement
• Talent Development

It may not be clear which aspects of culture provide the competitive edge—or which aspects reinforce the wrong behaviors. Envision can help you transform into a high-performing culture. Get ahead of your competition by using your cultural assets—strengthen engagement, drive productivity and promote lasting change.

Traditional performance management has rarely delivered on expected value. Let us help you craft a new approach that provides real-time feedback and achieves better day-to-day performance results. Envision can also help you design and execute reward strategies that improve workforce engagement and deliver on ROI expectations.

People expenses account for up to 60% of a company’s total expense, yet less than 4% of organizations are able to predict or model those expenses. Envision will enable your leaders to make better decisions with data—who to hire, how to improve performance, how to reduce labor costs and improve profitability, as well as how to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

With a significant number of U.S. workers disengaged, meaningful engagement is a key market differentiator. Yet historical approaches are not just ineffective, but also cumbersome and hard to implement. Envision will help prioritize critical interventions, operationalize people outcomes and strengthen your overall employment brand.

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