Envision Business Consulting Opens New York Office to Meet High Demand In Northeast

Envision Business Consulting continues to grow leaps and bounds as evidenced by the opening of its new office at 5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor, NYC 10001. Envision’s Principal and co-founder, Rob Novick, says the company opened a New York office to meet high-demand for its consulting services in the region.

“For the past four and half years, demand for our consulting services has intensified in the Northeast. Moving to a “physical” vs. “virtual” office enables us to not only serve our clients better, but also to bring together our consultants in a familial work environment,” says Novick.

Envision Vice President, Nancy Weingarten, heads Envision’s Northeast region offices.

“We’ve been able to work with a variety of clients in the region, including a global media content provider, an office supply chain store, and a leading formulator of paints and architectural coatings. As we grow, we feel a greater need to bring cohesion to our professionals and clients. Opening a physical office in the heart of New York City enables us to do just that,” says Weingarten.

Envision Business Consulting-Northeast core competencies include Human Capital Management, Strategy and Operations, Business Technology Enablement, Sales and Customer Engagement, Organizational Design and Change, Social and Collaboration and all functional areas supporting C-level executives.

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