Make the Move from Spreadsheet-Based Analysis

For all the incredible strides made in technology, we still encounter many clients facing frustration with dated reporting methods:

  • Reports are stagnant PDFs, making data exploration nearly impossible
  • Reports are Excel “data dumps” left for the end user to interpret
  • Requested data has long turnaround time – or worse, leaders are told “there’s no way to get that data”
  • Leaders must compile data from different sources into one spreadsheet to derive needed insights

Informed leaders make better decisions. And while all of the above methods can lead to informed, data-driven decisions, the process to get there is so burdensome most people stop short of getting the answers they need.

Being in the business of positive change, we are on a mission to help organizations move past this frustration – see examples of recent People Analytics work for HR organizations. Our consultants are well versed in visualization software including Tableau and Power BI. We are especially skilled at tracking down that elusive “there’s no way to get that data” data.

Bring Analytics to Your Organization

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