Organizational Agility: What’s the hold up?

NEW DATE: November 9th, 9 – 11am

LOCATION: 444 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

CONTACT: Questions: Please email Dennis Hendricks, Envision Business Consulting at dhendricks@envision-bc.com or call 415.971.4731

Please join us for a roundtable hosted by Envision Business Consulting on the topic of: Organizational Agility: What’s the hold up?

This event is intended to connect like-minded leaders interested in topics that drive successful organizations today. These are peer-to-peer conversations intended to connect leaders across Chicago and the surrounding area and encourage innovative and leading-edge thinking.

Topic details:

Cultural Agility: To be or not to be… what’s the hold up? Join us at this exclusive roundtable to discuss how local companies are fostering and embedding agility within their organizations as part of their culture and as a core mechanism to drive innovation. We will discuss the complexities and strategies for making agility part of culture and realizing this “lofty” organizational goal. Organizations are finding new ways to increase their agility and drive innovation as the rate of change increases and the struggle to find, attract, and retain great talent continues to grow. This is not a new struggle, and given that, why is this hard to accomplish today?

Link to invite details: https://www.peerspace.com/invite/pid-SJVXn26qb

If there are other leaders that you believe would be interested in attending. Please reach out to us and let us know.