So Why Is Change So Hard?

If change is all around us, why is it still so hard? A primer on the new causes that continue to make organizational change hard, and what you can do about it.

By Alain Paolini, Vice President & Client Partner

How many companies today feel so much better prepared for organizational change than 10 years ago? After years of investment and expansion of the organizational change field, combined with a recent decade of economic uncertainty, and its impact on the workforce, we might think that, at a macro level, organizations have learned how to better prepare for and manage change more successfully.

And it’s partially true: Companies are experiencing more change now than ever, and concepts such as user adoption, change readiness, change networks, etc. are now much more part of the discussions when planning or executing key initiatives. But have things really gotten easier? While every company is different, we don’t see that change has become less disruptive or is more easily accepted. So why is this happening? Why are organizational change efforts often ineffective, and how can you move your company ahead?

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