Entry doors to Envision Business Consulting office

What is it like to be an intern at an entrepreneurial consulting firm?

By Rachel Clark, MS, Human Capital Intern at Envision

When a company invites an intern to work for them, many people think of the Grey’s Anatomy interns – sleepless, schedulers, bottom of the food chain. Having recently finished my Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, I was looking for a valuable and educational internship in the human capital field, but I was admittedly afraid of becoming a coffee-fetcher and ultimate “I don’t want to do this, so here you go, intern” worker. Fortunately, that has not at all been my experience at Envision Business Consulting. It was never even in my train of thought, as I was treated with respect and dignity from the start. My very first day, the company actually asked me to write this article, so they could receive feedback and create better experiences in the future. How cool is that?!

The initial culture that I walked into was a warm and welcoming one. I am by no means an extrovert; however, it was amazing to instantly feel a connection with people and part of the overall team. I was met with a welcome lunch, and people were genuinely interested in my background: what have I done? Where did I go to school? What was my degree in? Who was I as a person? They wanted to know all these things and so much more. One of the items instilled in me throughout my time at Envision is their goal: to be business people with heart. That was shown to me on my first day, and even before in my email and phone interactions with members of the organization. Envision made it clear to me: they wanted to help me learn. It was clear this was the culture that was fostered there – my success meant their success, and their success meant my success. They truly have a positive reliance on team effort.

In addition to the friendliness, Envision ensured that I was given deliverables that were within my scope, but also benefited the organization. On my second day, I sat with the Director of HR & Talent to review the organization’s main initiatives. Her internal deliverables for me consisted of projects that were going to benefit the organization rather than busy work. I felt that by the end of my time with Envision, I would have added internal value. Additionally, I was tasked to work with outside clients. The project that was originally supposed to be “on my list” was a little slow rolling, but that allowed me to participate in pitching services to a new client, deepening my exposure to client interactions and improving my presentation skills. The project deliverables were just enough to be challenging, but also within my scope of work.

Working as an intern in a consulting firm is so beneficial when you are seeking to learn about the business world, and Envision provided that much needed experience for me. Envision allowed me to be part of large departmental meetings, to learn the inner workings of the human capital department, and to accomplish tangible internal work for the organization. I was able to stick my hands in a variety of pots, and it allowed me to better myself as a person and as a professional.

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