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Whitepaper: What it Takes to Make Your Organizational Design Successful

Hard-earned wisdom from a consulting industry veteran.

By Kelly Bolin, PhD, Vice President Human Capital Management, Envision Business Consulting

One of the few remaining sources of competitive advantage lies in a company’s organizational design. We describe org design as the unique ways in which a group or organization structures its work and motivates its people to achieve strategic objectives. Drawing on the more than twenty-five years of experience across many companies and industries, Dr. Bolin presents some hard-earned gems of wisdom that will help you gain advantage over the competition through org design.

What this whitepaper covers:

  1. Determine the need: Assess whether org redesign is the right approach for you.
  2. Know the rules: Understand what org design is meant to do – and what it isn’t.
  3. Pick a structure: Know the traditional org structures and how to blend them.
  4. Keep in mind: Be aware of these gems of wisdom during your process.
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